What’s Our Process

Our focus is the highest quality voiceover audio work possible.  We record the voices in our studio and package them in the format of your choice, for use in your project.

So, you’ve got a product to sell, a market to reach, a book to read, a process to explain, a subject to teach—and you need the presentation to convey the same passion that you’ve put into the product.  Where do you go from here?  Here’s how it works:

What you do:

First, request a quote, using our quote page.  Give us as much detail about your project as possible. Once we’ve settled on the scope of your project, send us the script and any additional notes that would help in making the final product perfect for you.

What we do:

We’ll bring your script to life, giving it the voice that it (and you) deserves.  We focus on the details, to make every word pop for the desired effect. We package the final voice product into the format of your choice (wav, MP3, aiff) and make it available to you—either through direct email, or through our customized download service. We don’t rest until you’re delighted with the final product. If you’re working with an advertising agency, just ask them to work with Gary’sVoiceWorks to produce the voice.  We can record it in our studio or the studio of their choice.  If you haven’t used voice talent before and really don’t know where to begin, please give us a call or drop us an email.  We’d love to work with you to make your first experience a delight and absolutely pain-free!

  • Give us a try—it's risk free!

    We believe that we can provide you with the best possible voice product, but you don´t know until you've heard it, right?

    We're confident that you're going to love the results, but should you choose not to use the final voice file that we produce, you owe us nothing!